Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Festival Hair! <3

Festival time is nearly upon us, and as my friend is throwing a festival themed party next week (Please pray for good weather) I thought I'd sort my hair out now and share it with my lovely new readers! 

Okay, so the hair I did was actually for people with Mid-to-long hair, but I actually only have just about shoulder length hair, so I did this with some clip in extensions. If you have shorter hair, then follow up to step 2 and then scroll down for my solution! 

1. Okay, so if like me your hair resembles baby hair, Eg, it's incredibly thin and limp, you need DAY OLD hair to do this. If you have thick hair (you incredibly gorgeous and lucky people) I imagine it will hold with a bit of product. 

2. Take the top third of your hair (as if you were going to do a half pony tail), brush it back and back comb underneath to give it body. Push it up so it creates height off of your head and pin in place. 

For Mid-Long Hair:

3. With the rest of your hair, sweep in to a low side pony tail which ever side you prefer and secure in place. If you have wispy bits on the other side hanging out by your ear, you can either curl them to create a wispy effect or plait them for a really festival-ly type look. Little plaits (or braids, whatever you call them is fine!)  look really effective and make your hair style look far more complicated than it really is. Nice tip for you there!

4. Next you need to look dishevelled enough to convince everybody you're a seasoned pro at festivals and at looking pretty and sultry all at the time, so back comb bits of your pony tail, you might want to plait/braid other bits and curl some other strands - however you want - until you consider it perfect! 

5. You can leave this look as it is but I think it needs some quirkiness and colour to be officially called festival hair, so I like to add a flower garland bando (you could add a bow or a chain bando), and leave it to sit just on my hair line. Tuck it under your ponytail to hide as much elastic as you can and to keep it in place. 

6. Spritz with hairspray, glitter, colour spray, whatever until you look like you truly belong at Bestival or Glasto. Lush. 

For Short Hair:

3. Once the half hair is pinned in place and you have enough height, take some hair that's left in front of your ears and plait/braid it. Then add a flower garland/bow/chain/whatever bando just around your head, resting on your hair line. 

4. Take the plaits/braids by your ears and wind them around the bando and secure at the back with pins or by tucking them in. 

5. With the remaining hair, create gentle beach waves either with small heated rollers, a styling wand or curling tongs, wait until the curl has cooled and comb out and separate with your fingers until relaxed waves are formed. Then go back to step six :) 

It Also Looks Fab As Just One Plait :) 

The flower bando in the pictures is from Accessorize and was around £4 or £6. Topshop, River Island and Primark do some great bandos if you are planning of festivalling this year. 

Send Me Your Photos!! 

GG xx

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