Tuesday, 3 April 2012

This is my first post so I hope you find it entertaining enough to return. 

This blog will be my outlet, for anything I find useful, funny, interesting and most of all annoying, with some beauty products and fashion tips thrown in for the hell of it. 
Anything I find along my way that I think is worthy of you, my lovely readers, I will post and hope it will help you too! Feel free to request posts or how-to's, and I will do my best to respond with interesting and helpful replies. 
And Finally, I have called it Glitter Gnome because I am obsessed with all things sparkly, and I myself am so small, if I went to a garden centre and stood accidentally by a pond with a fetching red hat on, someone who likes gnomes a lot would probably attempt to buy me. 
Have fun, and bare with, I've only just started! 
Lots of Love, 

GG xx

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