Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Revision Guide For People Who Don't Like Revision

Well Hello Again, I hope you all had a fabulous Easter! Since it's exam season once again in Blighty, I thought I'd do a quick guide for revising that is actually written by someone who is going through it themselves and who really dislikes revision in any way, shape or form...ME!
Here we go...

1) Get Dressed.
Seems obvious, but I LOVE PJs, and so when I began study leave when I was younger, I thought 'Brilliant, I don't have to get dressed'. BUT, honestly, if you get ready, put on some clothes and put your hair up or whatever, it makes a MASSIVE difference as it puts your mind in a state for work as you associate PJs with relaxation and end up not doing a lot.

2) Tidy Your Room/Study Area.
Trying to study in a cluttered and messy room is awful, as it clutters up your mind too. Plus, you won't be able to find anything and if you're like me and get distracted by anything shiny, you'll find plenty of other things to do instead of revision. A clean space helps you concentrate more and means you don't have to worry about anything else.

3) Choose Your Space.
I've been to a lot of 'revision workshops' and been given a lot of advice from teachers, who all say, choose a quiet place with a desk and without distractions. However, if you are more comfortable reading books on a sofa, or led on your bed, then go with it. Revision is not generic, it's extremely personal. I can only sit at my desk for a bit without getting fidgety and trying to find something else to do, so I sometimes read my textbooks and make notes led on my bed or even in the sunshine. That can be brilliant as the outdoors can be inspirational!! As long as you haven't too many distractions and you have good lighting, then you can revise.

4) Have A Plan
Some of my friends stick rigourously to timetables, some make lists. I am firmly in the list camp. Whatever you want to do, whether it's alarms on your phone, or relatives or friends helping you, make sure you have some sort of plan for your day or session. Drifting through revision is never a good idea as you just won't get through everything. Sticking to a plan also makes you feel like you've really accomplished something too. Result.

5) Schedule Breaks
Breaks are so important to stop you getting tired, to give you something to look forward to and for the information you've just looked at to settle in. I usually do 15-30 min breaks every hour or hour and a half. Also promise yourself something, like if you reach the end of the textbook chapter, when you have your break you can have a biscuit or you can go on Facebook. It motivates you to keep going and get through it.

6) You Need Fuel!
I love to eat when I revise as it gives me something to do other than writing. My food choice is usually apple slices or grapes (Keep It Healthy People!) but sometimes it's crisps. Mainly because they are nice. Make sure you keep drinking throughout your revision, as liquids help your brain. Water is ideal but squash or juice is fine. Being British, I also drink tea during revision because it's luurrvverrrllyy.

7) Try And Make It As Fun As Possible. 
Notes are good for about 15 minutes. Try diagrams, drawings, YouTube videos, songs (my and my friends made up a song about WW2 to 'Waterloo' by ABBA), my personal favourite thing to do is to find documentaries on the topics I'm doing on YouTube or demand services from channels. Use coloured post-it notes and stick 'em around the house and create posters to stick in your room in places that you look at often. By just glancing at something everyday it will stick even if you aren't concentrating that much. Easy!

I know revision is boring and time consuming but if you Fail To Prepare You Prepare To Fail! It really does pay off in the end but don't make it punishing, one day off to watch rubbish day time telly is allowed once in a while.

Happy Revising and Good Luck For This Summer!
GG xx

PS: If all else fails, do something funny with your exam paper.

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